The CAMarilla EXplorer

You have probably heard about the „Camarilla Equation“.

Discovered in 1989 by Nick Stott, a successful bond trader, the ‘Camarilla’ equation uses a truism of nature, namely that most of the time markets have a tendency to revert to the mean.

The Camarilla Equation uses the yesterday’s open, high, low and close prices for calculating 8 important levels which act as support and resistance when used in day trading.

These levels are astounding in their accuracy, even to seasoned traders, who know all about support and resistance, pivot points and so on.

The CAMarilla EXplorer (CAMEX) system uses the Camarilla equation to calculate the levels simultaneously for 20 currency pairs and shows the resulting trade signals in real time.

The generated signals can be used for trading on any timeframe. The software design is optimized for trading Binary Options, but it is also perfect for scalping.

It can be used with every currency pair. The screenshot below shows an example of Camarilla.