May 16

SDS New Signal 16th, May 2013


This pair is on its way back to the trading zone (yellow box). Once price hit the weekly pivot (WPV) at 131.00 round number look for long trades. The stochastic should roll over to the upside first. Place SL at 130.80 and the TP at 132.50.


May 02

SDS New Signal 2th, May 2013

Shark’s Daily Signal


This is a trade from the daily timeframe (D1). The $CAD stopped it’s downmove exactly at the 200 EMA which is also the 50.0 fibonacci level (yellow area). It started to move up from that level. As soon as stochastic is crossing, you can look to enter a long trade. Put SL below the 200 EMA (>40 pips). TP is the 38.2 fib level.


Apr 30

SDS New Signal 30th, April 2013

Shark’s Daily Signal

EURGBP short

Price has pulled back into the trading zone (yellow area), and is now outside of the bollinger band. The EMA55 (gray line) is in the way and will act as a road block for price to go up. Watch for shorts on this pair. SL should be placed at the other side of EMA200 (green line) which is round about 50 pips away. TP also > 50 pips.


Here the result of the trade.


Apr 29

SDS New Signal 29th, April 2013

Shark’s Daily Signal


Price has pulled back in to the trading zone (yellow area). Wait for stochastic to roll over before entering the trade. You can also wait for break of reversal candle (RC). Trade long from the swing low. Place stop loss below the 50.0 fibonacci level (>35 pips). TP at 0.8550 big number.


Here the trade result. Price hit TP at 0.8550. +45 pips profit if entered at RC break.


Apr 26

Shark’s Daily Signal

In this blog I’m going to post trade signals on a regular basis (daily), but only when I can find some nice opportunities in the market. So on some days maybe there will be no signals.

Remember: don’t overtrade, we are looking only for high probability trades.

All signals can be traded manually. I spot the signals on a H4 chart. So you will have plenty of time to set the trade up on your own plattform. This is not scalping 😉

Good luck to all followers