FX Copilot

The FX Copilot is a simple tool to support your manual trading in Metatrader 4 by adding some features which are not available from MT4.

The FX Copilot 4.03 offers the following features:

  • works with every currency/commodity
  • works with every timeframe
  • 1-click order opening (optimized for scalping)
  • 1-click order closing
  • ViP (Virtual Pending Order)
  • can add fixed SL and TP automatically to an open order (broker SL and TP)
  • use hidden SL and TP levels which are not visible to the broker (Stealth Mode)
  • place hidden SL and TP lines automatically on order opening
  • move SL and TP by dragging the lines directly in the chart
  • manages the hidden SL level automatically (stop loss trailing)
  • place Break Even levels directly on the chart
  • shows information about spread, time, pips and risk/reward
  • supports multiple order (up to 10 order per chart, BUY/SELL order can be mixed)
  • each order can have a different lotsize
  • resizeable info panel to support different screen sizes