Daily Range Trader

The Strategy behind this EA is to look at the recent move which the selected currency pair has done over a defined 24 hour period (Daily Range) and trade a fixed percentage of that move on the next trading period.

Based on the closing price of the last 24 hour period, the EA will calculate all important trading levels automatically and place a pending order for the selected pair.

Beside this basic functionality the EA offers also some additional features like Auto Money Management and Trade Management.

The DRT-EA can be used with any currency pair. Since it is not a scalper, the EA should deliver nearly the same results with any broker (ECN and Market Maker/Dealing Desk).

The following picture shows a trade scenario for a buy order in a market uptrend.



BRAND NEW!!! — DRT with SDS setting (Testing period Jan. – Nov. 2013)

Setting with fixed lotsize:

Setting with Auto Money Management:

 CLASSIC STYLE — using standard DRT setting (Period Jan. – Dec. 2012)